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The book of Mormon Broadway musical tells the audience a story of 2 young missionaries. They are sent to Uganda where they need to convert many citizens to their religion. Elder Price is one of them, and he is quite an enthusiastic man who is fully dedicated to this mission and his faith. The other one is Elder Cunningham, a socially awkward nerd with a tendency to keep embroidering the truth. This habit results in many problems for him. Right after coming to Africa, these men find out that many people have AIDS, and they live in violence and poverty, so that their successful mission is not as simple as it seems.

This Broadway musical is perfect and spectacular, because its theme is based not only on a serious understanding of traditions and love that make all musicals amazing, but it’s also filled with moral and flawed characters appreciated by the audience. Besides, it’s one of the best and original musicals these days, because it’s full of wise lyrics, great songs, excellent characters, intimate moments, laughs and so on.

FAQ about Book of Mormon musical

1) What is it like? The music used in this show is composed by such famous and talented people as Stone, Parker and Lopez. In its essence, it’s an old-style traditional musical that includes modern sensibility in its mix. It also features a few big singing and dancing numbers accompanied by Broadway belting that seems a bit old-fashioned. This show is focused on such important themes as sexuality, religion, race, poverty and other discussions that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

2) Is this musical suitable for children? It’s quite fast, and its language is quite explicit. Parents know their children perfectly, so before choosing this interesting musical as their pastime, they need to check cast recordings to get a better understanding of the humour and language used in this show.