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The Come From Away Story

The plot of this show is based on one true story, which is about the far Newfoundland. Basically, it’s an isolated community that was the host to the world in 2011. This famous territory is called the world’s edge by many people. Here, the weather is quite harsh, but local inhabitants are always warm in their attitude to others.

In Newfoundland, one remote location was the center of an amazing true story that won the hearts of many people. That’s because it’s filled with many original characters, uncommon generosity and other positive features and traits.

The population of this small town was doubled when almost 40 flights with a large number of passengers were grounded there. Locals did their best to welcome all strangers and opened their houses to them. This is how gratitude turned into a warm friendship, different cultures met, and this uneasy situation transformed into something new and amazing.

This story inspired the creation of Come From Away, a new show or a refreshing musical chosen by many viewers for being ingenious, original and masterful.