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This interesting bio musical is a Tony nominee, and it tells viewers a story about such talented people as Gloria Estefan and Emilio who succeeded to win Grammy Awards. That’s because they always believed in their music, talents and one another, and this is what allowed this couple to become a real international sensation. This show will have anyone dancing in the aisles.

Gloria Estefan is a famous singer who sold many records and stadiums all over the world. She and Emilio won almost 30 Grammy Awards together, and their music still amazed many people these days. This new Broadway musical is dedicated to a story of 2 people who believe in themselves and this is what helps them achieve incredible success.

Besides, this talented show features some of their most popular and iconic songs that won the hearts of many people worldwide. It also boasts a dedicated creative team that matches this incomparable list of songs. For example, this musical is created by such talented and well-known people as Mitchell, Dinelaris, Trujillo and many others who did their best to end up with a quality and original story.

This new musical is undeniably crowd-pleasing, and it can make the air in any room vibrate. Viewers will also appreciate its smoking-hot choreography, rhythm, songs, dances and other benefits that can get anyone! Choose it to have a lot of fun because this show is a genuine heart. If you like the life and work of Gloria Estefan, you will appreciate it. Finally, if you’re still unfamiliar with her famous hits, they will definitely win your heart after leaving the theatre, so check your pulse.