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It’s a true masterpiece created by Taymor, and it keeps surprising people from many parts of the world. This famous musical is based on the popular Disney movie and contains many favourite scenes and songs from it. All people can find something to like about it, including small kids and their grandparents. This show allows the audience to feel alive, joyful and thrilled while watching it.

Get incredible experience with its stunning visual effects, amazing music and wonderful dances, because this musical is a real theatre phenomenon. Many viewers call it one of the best productions on the stage, and it’s all about a story of adventures and hopes that finds its own way to their hearts.

Besides, this show won many Tony Awards, so it definitely showcases many incredible talents of the creative team on Broadway. Taymor succeeded to recreate this popular story by using the most extraordinary and original stagescraft. This show also features the amazing work of Fagan, a well-known and acclaimed choreographer, in addition to Rice, Elton John, and their glorious score.

It’s the right time to join people who watch this musical played on Broadway 8 times per week. After watching it, you will see why other people call it awe-inspiring. Its example proves that Broadway theatres are still alive, because its imaginative ideas seem to be limitless. This show is gorgeous and fantastic, and many viewers are attracted to it because of its innocence. This show appeals to their childlike and primal excitement while showing the power of theatres, thus, allowing the audience to see everything afresh.

The visual tapestry of this musical is pure, so that viewers feel like small children again. Do you want to marvel at an incredible procession of animals on the stage? Then this musical is your best choice. Besides, it’s a true marvel and an incredible theatrical achievement because of its ingenuity and beauty. This stage version of the famous movie improves all of its aspects in any possible way, and that’s why it’s so popular among visitors.